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Due diligence & Condition surveys

Property Diagnostic Consulting is regularly tasked to perform due diligence surveys on properties such as, Universities, High Rise complexes, Commercial and industrial business parks, as well as single household apartments or houses.

These types of reports are requested from large investment companies, managing agents, facilities managers, household owners or potential buyers. This is normally done prior to the purchase of any property and highlights any latent defects, maintenance issues or any other area of concern which could cost the potential buyer dearly. Reports of this type are generally “photo” enhanced and allow for both buyer and seller to be correctly informed as to the status of maintenance and/or serious issues on any property. Similarly this is also requested from owners who wish to know if their properties are being maintained by tenants where a “full maintenance lease” is in place.

Technical reports

In some instances specialized reports are often required which involve complicated systems and applications. PDC has a long standing reputation of delivering factual and unbiased reporting on highly specific substrates where failures have occurred. These have been tasked by contractors, clients, manufacturers and legal counsel in the past and in a number of instances PDC has been requested to act as mediators to resolve disputes. Most reports of this nature have some form of legal or financial repercussion and can be used in legal proceedings if needed.

PDC’ specific areas of expertise are :









Structural :


Window & door Installation:


Leak tracking reports :


Snag reports :


Quality Control reports :


Reinstatement specifications :


Schedules of quantities :



Compliance :


Compliance requirements  include :







Excerpt from (Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993 (ACT NO. 85 OF 1993) :



11.(1)  An employer or self-employed person shall ensure that the exposure of a person to asbestos is either prevented, or, where this is not reasonably practicable, adequately controlled.


It should be noted that ALL contractors working in the asbestos environment are required by law be registered and all staff specifically trained in the hazards of asbestos.


Other Services:

Project Oversight

Over the years of operation it has become apparent that some projects will be affected by repetitive problems. To this end PDC offers a site supervision service where a consultant is on site on a regular basis to oversee the works, conduct training to contractor staff where required and to measure/ authorize any additional works. As an example, a contractor may not enclose any waterproofing before PDC has “flood tested” the affected area. The frequency of the visits by PDC is generally determined by the size and complexity of the contract and is tailored to accommodate the client’s budget. By using our supervision service, this also ensures that manufacturers’ guarantees are upheld.

Maintenance schedules & Budget projections


As experts, we understand how a system's lifespan is affected by factors like climate and wear and tear and can advise on how often a structure will require re-coating, and the anticipated costs.

Expert witness & mediation


As specialists in our field, we are often called upon as both expert witnesses and impartial reporters in cases of legal dispute or legal action.

Aerial photographic inspection


PDC offers a unique "aerial photographic" diagnostic service utilising a piloted aerial drone, thus allowing our consultants to inspect normally inaccessible areas. This avoids the costly and time-consuming erection of scaffolding.

Emergency call out services


Specific to emergencies that involve waterproofing failure or major water leakage, PDC can be called to assess a situation and take immediate action to contain further damage.


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